The impact it has on a business’ progress toward these goals is why effective supply chain management is important for customer satisfaction and a company’s public image. We’ll work with you to create a custom logistics and supply chain management solution for your business. Logistics management generally consists of processes for inbound and outbound logistics traffic. Inbound logistics is the process of moving goods from suppliers into a warehouse, then into a production facility to make products.

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Rail lines, which link international cargo gateways to U.S. population centers, offer companies a cost-effective, sustainable transportation option. In the case of Azure, Microsoft’s numerous development-focused security resources are fantastic but what if the application is … The open source database services provider is out with a new integrated offering that provides automated capabilities for … Logistics refers to the process of managing how resources are acquired, stored and transported.

You want to assure them that their returns will be handled and credited back to their accounts quickly. Logistics processes also include reverse logistics, or the management of all the functions used to return goods and materials. Reverse logistics takes goods from the customer or final destination and returns them to the originating organization, where they can be reused, repaired, remanufactured or recycled. This implies, the process must begin with identifying and documenting customer service goals and strategies. The collection of such information is achieved through logistics audit. For this reason, 3D printing has entered the logistics space as a possible solution.

However, there is no need to share all the details about your logistic app with people who are not yet your technological partners. Thus, a sales manager who respects your business idea will send you an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement). However, if you have strict deadlines, ask to sign an NDA before the first call.

With more visibility into the supply chain there is the opportunity to save costs in operations, by controlling inbound funds, keeping inventory at the right level and organizing the reverse flow of goods. Logistics management functions that are a part of ERP systems are usually integrated with other business functions in the system, like sales, finance, procurement and human resources. More specialized logistics management applications focus on warehouse management, transportation management, and supply chain planning and supply chain execution. Given the logistics industry’s seemingly endless transformation, logistics management is naturally made up of many different elements.

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The goal of logistics management is customer satisfaction, while the goal of supply chain management is gaining a competitive advantage. Logistics management is the governance of supply chain management functions that helps organizations plan, manage and implement processes to move and store goods. A description of the business impact of the logistics strategy, in terms of corporate profits, customer service performance, and the impact on other business functions. A description of the individual customer service, inventory, warehousing, order processing and transportation strategies necessary to support the overall plan.

How do you develop logistics

It is also responsible for capital budgeting, which determines the availability of capital to finance expenditures to improve logistics equipment and infrastructure. If your logistics business owns a warehouse, you need to ensure that all shipments will be delivered to the right origin within the stated time. At the same time, tracking, managing, and updating the status of hundreds of deliveries in real-time is almost impossible. To digitize the management of your warehouse, consider barcode scanning app development.

Such applications are empowered with third-party APIs to recognize various barcodes and integrate with your warehouse database to update information in real-time. Also, barcode scanning apps eliminate expenses on barcode scanners, reduce human errors, and increase your warehouse employee efficiency thanks to bulk barcode scanning. To find out more about the essential warehouse management feature list, let’s take a closer look at the Logistics Plus Mobile Warehousing & Transportation App. We at DDI Development have built and implemented a plethora of software solutions for such sectors as logistics and booking, e-commerce and e-learning, fintech, healthcare and recruiting. Recently, we created a logistics management solution that enables customers to receive the desired product at the right time and with the right quality and price. If you decide to mount a challenge when transporting goods and determining the best delivery route, a logistics management solution is a way out for your business.

That means working with your logistics partners throughout your supply chain. Martin Murray is a former writer for The Balance Small Business, and the author of eight books on supply chain management and enterprise resource planning. That means they have a lot of experience, knowledge and skills in this area, which can improve the results of your logistics management.

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Here you will see a table that includes such a column as – ID#, Status, Number of pieces, Type of package, Length, Width, Height, Note, Total weight, Total Value. In addition to that, you can get more detailed information once you click. On the Dashboard page, you will see all the essential information on the logistics processes.

For example, freight companies solely handle the physical transportation of goods, while freight forwarders are dedicated to optimizing transport solutions and handling necessary documentation. In this sense, logistics could be seen as a complex web of moving parts, which operate in tandem with one another in order to boost efficiency and reduce costs within the supply chain. Staying ahead of the game and gaining a competitive edge over the competitors is essential for any logistics company. Not only does it help you better manage logistics-related processes, but it enables you to execute the logistics lifecycle with ease and maximize profitability. This will result in increasing customer satisfaction, driving revenue and improving your business entirely.

Before you work with a 3PL, you need to make sure they’re available when you need them, especially if you might require their services during early-morning, late-night or weekend hours. You should also consider where they’re located in relation to you and your customers. 3PL companies typically have access to a larger resource network than individual companies. This opens up new opportunities, especially for smaller businesses, and means there are more ways to optimize operations.

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Thanks to fleet management mobile solutions, you can schedule freight delivery, predict fuel expenses, and reduce empty miles. With the Tracking feature, you can easily track and trace all the shipping orders within the logistics management system. Not only can you gain more detailed information on the location of the packages that have been sent, but you can also see how far or near the delivery vehicle is from the destination. Thanks to the Shipments feature, you are in the know about all the shipments within the logistics system.

The logistics industry has changed tremendously over the past century. Since then, the industry has been propelled even further into the future, bringing with it an entirely new perspective on how we exchange goods across the globe. Today, the logistics realm is heavily influenced by AI and machine learning, which many organizations use to offer more accurate forecasting and enhanced order management. With these technological advances and more, the supply chain has been given the chance to prosper worldwide.

  • In order to meet consumer demand for fresh food delivery, food processing and distribution companies are expanding cold chain logistics and automation systems.
  • Document version control can help organizations improve their content management strategies if they choose the right approach, …
  • In addition to that, you can send, receive and process invoices without manual intervention and derive benefits from shorter payment delays, fewer errors, etc.
  • A rough estimate of the app’s cost is not the final cost of your project because there are many tech details and requirements to be clarified.
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If you plan on having customers send returns back in the original boxes or envelopes, make sure those materials are durable enough to handle a two-way trip. Cheap packaging materials, or packages that are difficult to open get damaged easier, which means your merchandise is also more likely to get damaged during the return trip. Besides, there aren’t many things that frustrate a customer more than having to buy their own packaging just to return something they no longer want.

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You can also outsource your shipping and warehousing to Mitchell’sNY Logistics. We have secure facilities and experienced staff that enable us to provide reliable on-time delivery, daily email updates and exceptional customer service. We’re your source for pick-and-pack fulfillment and last-mile logistics services. Businesses can employ various software and web-based systems to track the flow of goods and information as well as, with the help of algorithms, determine the optimal way to fill orders.

How do you develop logistics

If you are looking for ways to make the work of your logistics better, then read our article and find out what you can apply for your automotive business to cut delivery and other costs. Logistics management software includes functions and processes that enable companies to manage and execute product storage and delivery. Logistics management applications run the gamut from large ERP systems that include comprehensive and integrated functions to specialized applications that only handle a few functions. Vehicles do not always drive fully loaded, and if your drivers have extra space in their trucks, they can take some extra fright for the delivery. If you want to increase the income of your logistics company, consider shipping on-demand mobile app development.

As you see, thanks to modern technologies, you can make sure that your business runs seamlessly and more efficiently. We, at DDI Development, have vast experience in delivering a great number of software solutions for different business verticals. Dashboard view in ProjectManager.Logistics management has many things to track and resources to schedule.

Reverse logistics is about mitigating your losses, and reselling refurbished or “as is” items is another way to recoup what would otherwise be lost money. These items can be listed for lower prices and may appeal to customers who can’t or won’t pay full price for your merchandise. Monitor your returns marked as “priority” and “restock” regularly and get them scanned and stocked back onto your shelves as quickly as you can. Doing so ensures your inventory and ordering systems are up to date, and that products are available for resale sooner. Events focusing on best practices in economic development, bringing together industry leading consultants with economic development professionals.

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The third-party organization may also already have processes and infrastructure in place that the company can use. At the very start, it’s imperative to develop your company’s detailed user requirements and define the business processes across your company that should be automated, improved or simplified. Based on that information, you can define what features and functionality are necessary to meet these business needs.

Some logistics management software is designed to be configurable for various industries, while others are aimed at specific industries. Logistics management software generally began as on-premises systems, but more cloud or hybrid cloud options are now available. Strategic logistics planning carried out within the framework of the overall corporate goals and plan.

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In addition to that, you can monitor accepted orders, keep track of them and keep the process well-organized. Not only can you generate logistics KPIs (e.g., on-time final delivery, inventory accuracy, on-time shipping, order accuracy, etc.) but you can also monitor risk and performance, create reports, etc. The larger the operation, the more complex and difficult the logistics management.

Not only can you get a full overview of available departures and arrivals, but you can also get vehicles moving in just a few clicks. Only by accessing real-time data can you save time and improve efficiency. With the Invoices feature, you can create invoices from shipping orders. Being a record of purchase, it allows your clients to pay for the shipping services that you’ve provided. In addition to that, you can send, receive and process invoices without manual intervention and derive benefits from shorter payment delays, fewer errors, etc.


Manufacturing leaders must have the ability to manage their inventory in order to manage their operations and, arguably more importantly, the relationships they share with customers. A company can start to develop a logistics strategy by looking at four distinct levels of their logistics organization. Remember, the ultimate goal of any logistics strategy is to deliver what your customers want and when they want it—and getting that done by spending as little money as possible.

Once you enter all the information, your quote request will be sent and received by the Booking Manager to be processed further. With this feature, you can see all the upcoming departures Logistics Software Development and plan stops in advance. In addition to that, you can add or remove stops on the fly that helps you optimize the goods transportation process and make it more optimized.